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Hi this may sound like a simple question ...

we are on splunk 4.2

We have a number of linux servers that we are trying to monitor CPU. Memory and Disk statistics against.

for example disk : we go into the splunk *nix then select Disk -> Diskspace used by host , then get the option to select what host I want to graph.

The first graph is fine . it graphs the host . However immediateldy underneath the graph is "latest disk used by host"

I would expect just to see the host here . Instead I see the df -h output from all the other servers. I do not want to see this (ie when i select a host i just want to see the df -h for that host ONLY)

let me know if i have explained this adequatetly . I need to get an answer on this


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The "latest disk used by host" is populated by the following query in this file:


args = host

definition = index="os" sourcetype="df" | dedup host

it could be replaced by:


args = host

definition = index="os" sourcetype="df" host=$host$ | dedup host

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