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Deployment Server and Replication Master


Hi Gurus~!

We understand managing INDEXERs should be done by the replication master. But when there are so many indexers to manage, like 50+ indexers and 5+ replication master across 5 continent, it makes us curious if we can use deployment server to manage replication master so those masters can distrubute application.

I am sure this is not a common challenge due to the size of the deployment, but technically what would be feasible. I would appreciate expert's recommendations.

In order to simplify multi splunk cluster environment, ( like 5 masters, and 50+ indexers )

  1. Only way to manage is just at each 5 replication cluster's master.
  2. Yes, those cluster masters can be controlled via deployment server so that they then deploly apps down to the indexers in cluster environment.
  3. Using Splunk deployment server is not a good idea. Rather recommend other deployment technology like puppet of chief.

Appreciate experts feedback on above 3 choices.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The recommended approach is to use replication master to control all the indexers.

You can use option #2 as well, but you need to make sure that the DS doesn't restart replication master after pushing the configs.

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