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I have a deployment server where I have three splunk instances connected to it. All the apps which I have developed does not have the “local” folder shipped as part of it.


1) Whenever I copy the apps into the “deployment-apps” folder and do a splunk restart , I see that a folder called “local” automatically gets generated.Why is this getting generated.?

2) I see that the local folder is getting overwritten whenever I push apps via the deployment server.

a. I hope it should not the case. If so , we will end up losing all the data customized in the splunk instance.

b. Actually several of our users create artifacts on the local folder of app on the deployment client. But this gets overwritten everytime. Should not the “local” be persisted ?

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No. The contents of the app folder on a deployment server is hashed, and that hash is compared to the hash of the app folder on the client. If the hashes don't match then the entire folder from the deployment server is sent and replaces the entire folder on the client. If you have settings that you want to keep, then don't store them in a deployed app, unless the data is placed on the copy of the app that resides on the deployment server (master copy).

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