Deployment Architecture

Creation of deployment app folder through GUI



to create app in deployment-app folder we have to create folder and files manually.

Is there any other way through GUI, we can achieve this ?

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Its not possible to create an app in etc/deployment-app folder as all apps accessible from UI are from etc/apps. One way to minimize all the unix work and manually creating files could be as follows.

  1. Create a staging app in etc apps from UI (YourApp_stg)
  2. Clone all the required objects from your development application (which may contain extra objects) into YourApp_stg app.
  3. Once all objects are copying, verify everything (if possible smoke test).
  4. Go to UNIX/Windows box and copy the folder etc/apps/YourApp_stg into etc/deployment-apps as YourApp.
  5. Last step is to update the app.conf to change the app name from YourApp_stg to YourApp.

As you see majority of the copy work is done from UI itself.

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As far as I know, there is no other way. Its simple enough though. Create the folder and add your custom inputs.conf etc

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