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Cluster Peer Configuration Error


I have 2 indexers and 1 CM and I was able to add one indexer to the CM cluster but not the other one. The first indexer also is currently ingesting all the logs and has all the indexes and the new indexers spits out an error as soon as I try to add to the cluster.
please see below for the error. Not sure whats going on.

Failed to register with cluster master reason: failed method=POST path=/services/cluster/master/peers/?output_mode=json master= rv=0 gotConnectionError=0 gotUnexpectedStatusCode=1 actual_response_code=400 expected_response_code=2xx status_line="Bad Request" socket_error="No error" remote_error=Argument "batch_serialno" is not supported by this handler. [ event=addPeer status=retrying AddPeerRequest: { _id= active_bundle_id=2BC55FFE312196F2A22631A7F245B194 add_type=Initial-Add base_generation_id=0 batch_serialno=1 batch_size=1 forwarderdata_rcv_port=9997 forwarderdata_use_ssl=0 last_complete_generation_id=0 latest_bundle_id=2BC55FFE312196F2A22631A7F245B194 mgmt_port=8089 name=09B99AEE-F876-4B98-8C00-5D846DD1626E register_forwarder_address= register_replication_address= register_search_address= replication_port=8080 replication_use_ssl=0 replications= server_name=FDC1S-SPLKINXP1 site=default splunk_version=7.0.1 splunkd_build_number=2b5b15c4ee89 status=Up } ].


Did you check that tcp 8089 port is open between CM and indexers?

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Did anyone got any resolution to this , seeing the same , can confirm the network is fine and quite open inside the entire cluster , appreciate the help !

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