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Changing deployment server IP


Hi to all,
I had a deployment server (server A), an indexer/search head (server B) and some monitored servers.
I copied the folder deployment-apps by deployment server to indexer and deleted the deployment server (deleted server A and used server B as deployment, indexer and search head)

In each monitored server I manually changed in /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/deploymentclient.conf the
targetUri IP.

I restarted splunk server (server B) , in forwarder management I see "No clients phoned home".
what is missing?

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  • I upadated the serverclass.conf I
    haven't deploymentclient.conf Firewall rules are OK

I have indexer/search head with Splunk 6.6.2 while the forwarders use Splunk 6.4, can it be a problem?


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You might have forgotten to copy the serverclass.conf to the new deploymentserver.
did you restart the forwarders? - otherwise the deploymentclient.conf changes wont be updated.
Did you specify the port after the new deployment server IP, check for firewall rules, port 8089 should be open in your deployment server.

Take a look here:

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