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Hi All,

I need help , We have installed universal forwarder in around 20 machines and provided the deployment , Indexder IP . Logs are forwarder to the test server . Now we want to change the test indexer IP to Production IP
Kindly guide us when we create the Custom app for windows , Where we can define the indexer IP . So that we can push the same app in the all servers , Route the traffic to the production .

Thanks in Advance

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You need to change "server" parameter in outputs.conf (on universal forwarder) to point to Production indexer, to locate the file run the following command:

grep -R "server" /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/* | grep outputs.conf | grep -v outputs.conf.example | grep -v outputs.conf.spec | grep -v README

Then you should find the outputs.conf file that contains test server IP, change it to production server IP and restart splunk service


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