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Can you help me with the following error with one of my indexer peers in a cluster: "Failed to add the master"



Yesterday, I had a weird error. One of my indexer peers was not able to register with the master. This was not while adding a new Indexer, but it randomly started at 4 pm, at latest, for about a couple of hours.

Search peer xxx has the following message: Failed to register with cluster master reason: failed method=POST path=/services/cluster/master/peers/?output_mode=json master=xxxx rv=0 gotConnectionError=0 gotUnexpectedStatusCode=1 actual_response_code=500 expected_response_code=2xx status_line="Internal Server Error" socket_error="No error" remote_error=Cannot add peer=xxxx mgmtport=8089 (reason: non-zero pending job count=1, guid=966B9726-FD5A-4788-9797-E68BD4Exxxx). [ event=addPeer status=retrying AddPeerRequest: { _id= active_bundle_id=73203EA46E3A315FE912143694xxxx add_type=ReAdd-As-Is base_generation_id=68609 batch_serialno=1 batch_size=36 forwarderdata_rcv_port=9997 forwarderdata_use_ssl=0 last_complete_generation_id=69387 latest_bundle_id=73203EA46E3A315FE912143694xxxx mgmt_port=8089 name=966B9726-FD5A-4788-9797-E68BD4Exxxx register_forwarder_address= register_replication_address= register_search_address= replication_port=8080 replication_use_ssl=0 replications= server_name=xxxx site=site1 splunk_version=7.0.7 splunkd_build_number=b803471b1c68 status=Up } ].

On Master: Failed to add peer 'guid=966B9726-FD5A-4788-9797-E68BD4EBxxx server name=x ip=x to the master. Error=non-zero pending job count=1, guid=966B9726-FD5A-4788-9797-E68BDxxxxx

Error is not coming back for now, but I would like to understand what happened.

Maybe someone could point me in a direction?

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@dkeck you can go through this splunkanswers as a reference...

It might be a network blip in your case, and also timestamp in the message dropdown either on your search-heads or dmc is from when it shows you(I would dismiss it and see if I get more), not when it's generated. Make sure to check your internal logs for exact time of the event.

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