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Can a single forwarder instance can connect to two deployment servers ??


Hi ..

I have a Single Universal Fowarder instance running in my machine . i want this forwarder to interact with two different machines , i.e two different deployment servers. i.e as defined in the below configuration, ServerA and ServerB are my two different deployment servers.

// deploymentclient.conf


targetUri = ServerA:Port1

targetUri = ServerB:Port2

Will the above configuration wrk ?? Can any one pls upload an example of this case pls..even in deploymentclient.conf docmentation i didnt see this info .. :(..pls let me know if this works or not ?

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No. That is not how it works. You can have two deployment servers, but the clients talk to one or the other.

Here is a post you might find helpful.

Let’s say you set up a reverse-proxy server as a route to the available ‘deployment server’. This only handles one way of communication. You still need a serverclass.conf file on each deployment server that identifies the client. The deployment servers will both try to contact the client for updates, and the same apps on each will have different keys. Each time the proxy server switches sources your client will reload the app, and restart the splunkd service.