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Avoid indexing same file multiple times batch input


I have batch input

move_policy = sinkhole
index = xyz
host_segment = 2
crcSalt = <SOURCE>
sourcetype = pqr
disabled = false

for testing I added one zip file in monitored folder after consumed by splunk I again added same file in monitored folder and I found duplicate events. I was assumed that it will not index same file since I have included crcSalt=<SOURCE>. What can be done avoid duplication?

Note- file monitored is zip- csv file with headers.

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Hi ips_mandar
file names in zip files are the same or different?
both the times you had files in zip?
crcSalt=<SOURCE> guarantees that you don't index twice files with the same name, but if you have the same filename with a different path you have two files.


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Hi @gcusello,
I am manually copying same zip file to monitor directory and number of times I am pasting files in monitored folder same number of times it is duplicating events with same source.
and zip file name and inside file name are same .

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Not sure if it works for batch input since it works for monitor input.

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Any idea anyone to avoid indexing same file multiple time in batch input?

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