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Are the App level permissions replicated on a Search Head Cluster?


The link provided ( does not appear to address the issue with permissions in *.meta files not being replicated.

To further elaborate, permissions changes made in the "Manage Apps" page are not being propagated through the Search Head Cluster. However, permissions changes made on individual Knowledge Objects are propagating successfully.

The documentation ( does not appear to suggest that only Knowledge Objects permissions changes are replicated, and not permissions from the "Manage Apps" page. It does, however, mention that the "cluster also replicates permissions stored in *.meta files".

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Re: Are the App level permissions replicated on a Search Head Cluster?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Here is the expected behavior

1) If you have not clicked on (setting>show All Settings) by default “Manage Apps page” should only show actions that get replicated, e.g. app permissions

2) Else, if you have clicked ( setting>show All Settings) then the Manage Apps page will show non-replicated actions like app enable/disable, app label/description edit, etc

The background on the Settings menu under search head clustering

The above information is only true for SPlunk version 6.3 and above. For splunk 6.2 had a Bug :: SPL-99457:[SHPNEXT] allow permissions on app containers to be edited via UI, and replicate them.

The gist is that app permissions only affect knowledge objects, whereas other app values (like enable/disable) affect system configurations. Currently we only replicate user-level stuff other system stuff should come from the deployer

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