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Hey all,

We have hit-and-miss identification of servers that fall off of Splunk monitoring. There needs to be a critical alert if a non-decommissioned server:

1.Stops reporting to Splunk, or
2.Stops phoning home to the deployment server

Is there a weay to query the rest api from the search head to determind Deployment server contact?

Any help is much apprreciated..

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If your deployment server is forwarding its internal logs to your indexing layer, you should be able to use a query like:

index=_internal host="Your_deployment_server_hostname" "/services/broker/phonehome/"
| stats max(_time) AS last_checkin_epoch by clientip
| eval now_epoch=now()
| eval time_since_last_checkin=now_epoch-last_checkin_epoch
| sort - time_since_last_checkin


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