Deployment Architecture

2 of 3 Indexers cannot connect to Cluster Master


We just stood up a new distributed deployment with 3 indexers and a CM. I was able to connect 1 indexer to the CM successfully but when I was trying to connect the other 2 indexers to it, I was getting the error "Could not contact manager. Check that the manager is up, the manager_uri=https://xxxxxxx:8089 and secret are specified correctly.

I know the secret is right and it is the correct uri, firewalld is disabled, I am able to netcat to the host via 8089, indexer GUIDs are unique. 

Ncat: Version 7.70 ( )
Ncat: Connected to xxxxxx:8089.
Ncat: 0 bytes sent, 0 bytes received in 0.02 seconds.

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