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running multiple searches in a form sequentially



I'm creating a form with multiple searches (let's say 10). When user selects the time range using the time input element, all these searches start at the same time. That's bad, as it creates a big load on the server and for some users it hits the concurrent search limit.

Is it possible to somehow make multiple searches in a single form run in sequence instead in parallel?

I know that it is possible to have one master search and use postprocess searches to drive multiple reports on a same page, however, the searches I need to present do not have much in common and this technique can not be used here.


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You can use the search post process feature without a value, while still using a searchTemplate within the result scope (and not the form scope). e.g.

<fieldset> .... </fieldset>
<table>< title> A result field< /title>
< searchPostProcessor>< /searchPostProcessor>
< searchTemplate>"$someToken$"< /searchTemplate>
< /table>
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hi ,

I am having the same problem , did you manage to create run in sequence search ?

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