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"These results may be truncated. This visualization is configured to display a maximum of 1000 results per series, and that limit has been reached"



I created a simple Line Chart based Dashboard that will show the number of "404" request. While creating the filter, it shows proper output, but in Dashboard, it is completely blank.

Please find the attached screenshot:


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If you turn this into a dashboard, you can use the charting.data.count option to set a higher limit (even unlimited (0) if you're feeling dangerous).

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Esteemed Legend

The basic problem is too many data points to plot (>1000). Generally the solution is to either reduce the number of distinct elements in your by clause (which maps to the number of lines) or to increase your timestpan width (which decreases the number of positions on the X-axis that have data) or both. For example, change span=1m to span=1h. Without seeing your actual search (which you should ALWAYS supply), specific help is impossible.

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Revered Legend

Based on the warning message on the dashboard, you're trying to plot more than 1000 points in the chart. You should be using some sort of aggregation command (stats\timechart\chart etc) to reduce the no of rows to be plotted and get more useful info. Could you post your query ?

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