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prebuilt panels - condition the behaviour

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I'm having a predefined panel which I want to reuse in the same dashboard.
Each "instantiation" of the panel (using panel ref=panel_name) needs to do a slight different search.

Is there a way to control it?
something like:
panel ref="my_panel" myVar="hello"

in the predefined panel:

      index="playground4" Name="ABC*" 
      | eval FACTOR=$my_var  | rest of the code...



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Hi @gravid,

I think you are looking for base search.

what is base search?
Base is search something master search and this search results can be used in multiple panels by using the id of it.
Below is the sample code shows that search id="base" results will be used in panel1.

    <input type="text" token="my_var" searchWhenChanged="true">
 <search id="base">
    <query>index="playground4" Name="ABC*"  FACTOR=$my_var$
        <search base="base">
          <query>| additional query</query>
If this helps, give a like below.
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Hi thambisetty,

Thx for your answer.

I actually use base search in my code. I just sent a portion of my code so it was not part of it.
I need to create a dashboard with multiple charts which are exactly the same, except for 2 variables taken from dropdown lists.

My intention was to mimic a some looping here.
I dont want to write and maintain exactly the same code (almost) on many rows and panels, so I thought to use a prebuilt panel that can get a value as an input to a var used in the panel.

Any idea how to achieve loop in the XML code?

Thx again

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