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parse XML embedded in a field


Hi there,

I have a CSV file with 2 fields : time,xml_data.
Is there anyway I can parse the xml_data field as XML ?

This is a nested XML inside a CSV field and I would prefer to parse it on index time (if not, parsing on search time is also acceptable).


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I have a CSV file with 2 fields : time,xml_data

As long as you know the name of the field in the CSV which contains the XML spath will work at seach time

<your search which includes your csv events>| spath xml_data
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Hi @moneybox,

You can use spath for same. Check below search.

|inputlookup mylookup
| eval _raw=XML_DATA_FIELD 
| spath output=.. path=..
| table ..

Please check my sample search from below doc


| makeresults 
| eval A="<?xml version=\"1.0\">
         <author>Martin, George R.R.</author>
         <title yearPublished=1996>A Game of Thrones</title>
         <title yearPublished=1998>A Clash of Kings</title>
         <author>Clarke, Susanna</author>
         <title yearPublished=2004>Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell</title>
         <author>Kay, Guy Gavriel</author>
         <title yearPublished=1990>Tigana</title>
         <author>Bujold, Lois McMasters</author>
         <title yearPublished=1986>The Warrior's Apprentice</title>
| eval _raw=A 
| spath output=dates path=purchases.book.title{@yearPublished} 
| table dates


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Thank you, but that works for cases I know what fields should I expect.
Is there anything that could automatically convert the nested XML to searchable fields in Index Time ?
Meaning, I want to extract all fields from the nested XML without knowing them.

Thanks again

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