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new time calculated by the time received from the dashboard timepicker?

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<input type="time" token="time_tok" searchWhenChanged="true">

  <table id="detail">
    <title>here --> earliest=$tok.earliest$ ( -calcul ) latest=$tok.latest$ ( -calcul ) </title>   //here
    // From 3 days from the time defalut input method to calculate until yesterday.
    // ex) here --> 03/07/2015:00:00:00 03/09/2015:24:00:00


Is it possible in xml?

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If you are talking about doing something inside a search string, you can use relative_time like this:

| eval next_time=relative_time($time_tok.latest$,"-3d")

Perhaps your confusion is that your input is using time_tok but your title is using $tok$ (instead of `$time_tok$)?

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