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module name tag error


Here am getting 2 validation warnings for line 3 .

I want to create custom buttons in my dashoard . how to do that

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Re: module name tag error


@surekhasplunk, you are trying to use module and param which have been deprecated long time back from development point of view. You can use Simple XML Dashboard with HTML panel to introduce your own HTML contents like Button and then use JavaScript Extension to code the button functionality and perform actions using Splunk JS Stack. Following is a simple example:

Dashboard Simple XML code:

<dashboard script="hello_world_click.js">
  <label>Submit Button Simple XML JS Extension</label>
        <a id="myHelloButton" class="btn submit-btn">Submit</a>

JavaScript Extension code from helloworldclick.js

], function() {

        alert("Hello World");
        console.log("Hello World Console Log");

You would need to place the JavaScript code under your Splunk Apps appserver/static folder i.e. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/<YourAppName>/appserver/static$
Since this requires static files, you may have to restart/refresh/bump your Splunk instance and clear internet browser history if required.

You can get several examples of Simple XML JS Extension from Splunk Dashboard Examples App from Splunkbase: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1603/

You can also explore dev.splunk.com for Splunk Web Framework related examples which covers Simple XML JS Extension and Splunk JS Stack.

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