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how to show metrics for individual pie chart wedges directly?


I created a pie chart and I know I can get metrics for individual pie chart wedges by mousing over them. Now I wonder how to directly show up the Count and Percentage in the pie chart, don't need to move mouse over them?


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The trick is to concatenate the data series values into your pie slice label, as follows:

Example 1 for count

| stats count by op_eTOM
| eval op_eTOM_Slice=op_eTOM+ ": " + count + " Transactions"
| fields op_eTOM_Slice, count

Example 2 for total durations

| stats sum(Duration) as sum_Duration_Seconds by op_eTOM
| eval total_Minutes=round(sum_Duration_Seconds/60)
| eval op_eTOM_Slice=op_eTOM+ ": " + total_Minutes + " Minutes"
| fields op_eTOM_Slice, sum_Duration_Seconds

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