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how to create second y-axis

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i have an requirement to display two Y-axis in a chart and first y-axis displays the success counts and 2nd y-axis displays the percentage.i use the following code .

*search query******


Here it is working fine, but is in the dashboard it dispays two charts (chart1 id,table)charts,i dnt want table chart in dashboard panel,how to remove that one.here we are passing table id value into javascript

java script

var tableManagerid = mvc.Components.get('table1').settings.get('managerid');
var chart = new D3ChartView({
"id": "chart1",
"managerid": tableManagerid,
"type": "linePlusBarChart",
"el": $('#chart1')

how to give "table1" value(search query) directly in javascript as a ID value.

please help me from this issue.

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Can you add a sample screenshot of how you want Y axis output? Can this be done directly via Chart Overlay without using JS extension?

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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what if you use single y-axis with a bar graph showing success count and hover a mouse over a bar to see the percentage of it. can you try that.

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