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how to avoid others fields in pie chart ...section...


when i have pie chart it gives others(somevalue) in pie chart

this is because i have count of product purchased by customer like this....

Customer Count(product_order)

Sumo 12

David 34
Samuel 2
George 1

so in this if i create a pie chart i get others(3),David 34,Sumo 12 in piechart sections ....

I found that it is summing up the small values together into a section in pie chart called others(3)

can u guide me to display the sameul and george value in the pie chart .......

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Hi, as you can see in the docs for chart (assuming that that is what you use to create your data set), there are two options you can play with; useother and limit.

So if you set useother=f and limit=X (where X is greater than the number of slices your pie chart should generate, there should be a slice for each JR, Pamela, Bobby, SueEllen etc etc



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Syntax: useother=<bool> 
Description: Specifies if a series should be added for data series not included in the graph because they did not meet the criteria of the <where-clause>.