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how to add couple of data value in a dashboard

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I have a dashboard created with a PIE chart. I want to add on the dashboard start and end time for which this pie chart is created. Let us say this chart is created for doing a 24 hrs data analysis and creating the PIE chart.
Start time : now-24h End Time: Now displayed above the Pie chart.

if that is not possible at least I need that start and end time printed on somewhere in the chart when I send it as email PDF to clients. so they know this report is for the data period starting and ending used

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You can use | addinfo to create info_min_time and info_max_time fields and create tokens and then use these in the title of the dashboard panel with My panel name from $info_min_time$ to $info_max_time$.

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as you can see at https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.3.2/Viz/tokens , you can use the search tokens $job.earliestTime$ and $job.latestTime$ to add start and end time to one of the panel's title or to an html box, in the following example I added to both of them.
Something like this:

     <query>| makeresults
       <eval token="earliestTime">$job.earliestTime$</eval>
       <eval token="latestTime">$job.latestTime$</eval>
  <fieldset submitButton="false">
    <input type="time" token="Time">
         Date &amp; Time Range Between: $earliestTime$ and $latestTime$ 
      <title>$earliestTime$ - $latestTime$</title>
        <option name="count">20</option>
        <option name="list.drilldown">none</option>
        <option name="list.wrap">1</option>
        <option name="maxLines">5</option>
        <option name="raw.drilldown">full</option>
        <option name="refresh.display">progressbar</option>
        <option name="rowNumbers">0</option>
        <option name="table.drilldown">all</option>
        <option name="table.sortDirection">asc</option>
        <option name="table.wrap">1</option>
        <option name="type">list</option>


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