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how to add a split or button to expand the results of panels

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I have a dashboard that has 5 single value charts in 4 rows and all these rows display collective information about more than 1 process and now I'm using a drill down to a new dashboard to display detailed info about them. Is there a way we can add a button or split view kind of thing in the same dashboard when someone clicks on that button it should display that and should have hide or unhide functionality rather than using drilldown.Any help is highly appreciated.Thanks

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Yes, but not through the GUI. Edit the source and in the "drilldown" section add this:


<set token="SHOWSPLIT">SHOWSPLIT</set>
<unset token="UNSHOWSPLIT"></unset>
<unset token="form.UNSHOWSPLIT"></unset>


Then have your drilldown panel like this:


<panel depends="$SHOWSPLIT$">


Also have a control at the top to rehide it like this:


<input type="checkbox" token="UNSHOWSPLIT">
   <label>Hide Drilldown Panel</label>
   <choice value="set">Hide it?</choice>
     <condition value="set">
       <unset token="SHOWSPLIT"></unset>



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Hi @kranthimutyala,

you could add a drilldown inside the same dashboard, in other words, when you click on one row of you panel, in the dashboard a new panel is displayed with the details of the clicked value.

This is a solution that I often use in my dashboards.

You can do this following the instructions that you can find in the Splunk Dashboard Examples App (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1603/) viewing the dashboard "In-page Drilldown with Perma-Linking".



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yes you are right thats good way to do it,

to add more to it 

we can hide drilldown panel with unset token on clicking values on drilldown panel

<unset token="sourcetype"></unset>

token mentioned above will works with in the In-page Drilldown with Perma-Linking, please update relavent token in your dashboard 

@kranthimutyala  you can try with dashboard examples provided by @gcusello  and try with abvoe unset token to hide drilldown panel 

Sanjay Reddy

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