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how can I direct a user to a specific dashboard in an application based on their role?


When the user clicks on the app they should be directed to the
appropriate dashboard for their role.

thanks in advance.

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Try something like this,

  • Open the user role and make the default app for the role. Suppose the other users in the role doesn't want this you have to open the each users and make the default app as your app. Better create a new role so that future you don't want to worry about this,

  • Update the navigation menu for your app Settings >> User interface » Navigation menus » default make the view (your dashboard) as default by updating default='true'

By the above steps you can control your app's first loading dashboard and the default app for the particular role / user. while user login they can directly see the dashboard.

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The proposed solution seems to be for routing users to different applications based on their role.
I want to route users to a different dashboard within the same application based on their role. When the user launches the app the landing page will be the dashboard specific to their role. I’ve tried creating a separate navigation menu for each role(that opens the associated dashboard) and restricting permissions to that role but that doesn’t seem to work.

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