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drilldown option - Can I disable drilldown option for certain rows in a table?


If I have a table with drill down enabled, can i disable the drill down on the last row

Example of my table. where rows 1 - 3 (A,b and C) can be clicked and this then uses a token to open up a chart below it.
But i don't want the last row to do anything when clicked on (e.g. the Aggregate View row here)

object Val1 Val2 
A 1 2 
B 1 2 
C 1 2 
Aggregate View 3 6 
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@HattrickNZ, if you are on Splunk 6.5 or higher, you can enable Summary Row using table which shows Total as the final row in the table: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Viz/TableFormatsFormatting#Totals_summary_row

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    <condition match="NOT match('row.object, &quot;Aggregate View&quot;)">
      <set token="new_token">$row.object$</set>
    <condition match="match('row.object', &quot;Aggregate View&quot;)">
      <unset token="new_token">$row.object$</unset>

Hi Hattrick, You can use this code in your dashboard.

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Please close this question if your issue had been solved.

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