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drilldown of the chart


hi i created the bar chart for the count of each task..
what i want is if i click on any one of the bar i want to see the trenchart for that task

i am using the trail version of the splunk..
please give the inputs

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The way to do this is with advanced XML, and it is more complicated than can be easily explained in a single post. I suggest that you

1) Download the free app "UI Examples for 4.1+" - it will work with any version of Splunk 4.1 or later, including the trial

2) Read the Developing Dashboards, Views and Apps for Splunk Web manual. Especially the section Customize Drilldown Options.

What you are asking is totally do-able, but it is not basic Splunk. It is not easy and you will have to learn some stuff to make it work. Good luck!