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creating a multi panel dashboard with inputs that are independent of each panel


I am trying to create a dashboard the has 3 panels each panel has 3 inputs for environment , zone, time
my problem is that after i select all inputs in panel 1 and move to inputs in panel 3 as soon as i select first input in panel 2 it changes the input in panel 1

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Make sure that when you are creating your inputs, that you are using distinct token names for each panel's input.


...on the input for panel 1, use environment1 zone1 time1

...on the input for panel 2, use environment2, zone2, time2
...on the input for panel 3, use environment3, zone3, tme3

if the searches use the same token names, then the behavior would be as you described.

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Revered Legend

Does your panel 1 uses tokens from 2nd form input? If it does, it will get refreshed when the token value is changed.

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