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chart minimum and maximum values for yaxis

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I have some charts that work as you would expect for maximum and mimumvalues for yaxis, but I have at least one that doesn't.
I have listed below a query that this option works for and the one that it doesn't - can someone point me in the right direction to resolve this please?

The options I'm refering to are:
option name="charting.axisY.minimumNumber">0
option name="charting.axisy.maximumNumber">100

NB I've had to remove the XML tags to enable display..

The chart for this query hapilly accepts the option and starts y axis and 0 and ends it at 100:
index="nmon" sourcetype="nmondata" type="CPUALL" OR type="LPAR" hostname="hostname" | eval lparvpconso=round(((VPUserPCT+VPSysPCT+VPWaitPCT+VPIdlePCT)*virtualCPUs/100),2) | eval cpupctconso=(SysPCT+UserPCT+WaitPCT) | stats values(lparvpconso) As lparvpconso, values(cpupctconso) As cpupctconso by _time,hostname | eval conso=if(isnotnull(lparvpconso),lparvpconso,cpupctconso) | timechart inline_customspan(type=CPU_ALL OR type=LPAR,hostname="hostname") max(conso) As "CPU Usage"

The chart for this query doesn't accept the option. If I specify both options - it starts at 0 goes through 100 and finishes at 200. If i remove the options OR just put in the maximum value it produces a y axis starting at 0 and finishing at 125
index="nmon" sourcetype="nmondata" type="JFSFILE" hostname="hostname"| chart avg(value) As pctfs_used by device

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Re: chart minimum and maximum values for yaxis

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..as an update to this question I have made the chart the same size as many others on the dashboard wit the chart height option and the top value is still not rights, but it has changed to 120. Also just incase anyone asks the obvious question, no none of my data values are over 100 the highest is 99.2

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