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category chart for discrete data set


I have a field with a small set of possible text values.

I'd like to plot the value of that field over time.

As a first pass I used eval to convert the text values to numerical values. Then I was messing around with changing the labels when I saw on this documentation page: http://www.splunk.com/base/Documentation/4.1.7/Developer/CustomChartingConfig-AxisGrid#categoryaxes

That there was a "category" chart type. I'm curious how that sort of chart works and if I can use it to graph a string-state value.


Y-Axis values:

  • red
  • amber
  • yellow
  • green

X-Axis values:

  • timestamps

I gave it a try, but it didn't seem to work. Does it work this way? Am I reading too much into the option?

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Sounds like you're trying to chart OVER distinct values, use something like this.  | chart max(delay) over foo by bar

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Also I have another one that is either True or False. I'd like to be able to plot a square wave for the data toggling back and forth, and I'd like it to be obvious that a "0" is 'true' and a "1" is 'false'.

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The way I was doing it with eval, green = 0, yellow = 1, amber = 2, red = 3. Then I was timecharting max(color) for the timespan bins. However the y-axis was labeled with numbers and I'd rather have the color names there. So I was hoping I could use a category chart and skip the eval step, and graph every event (rather than bucketing the events in windows). The events aren't very frequent, so my data density is low.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Not sure I understand what the y-axis is. how would you chart "red" on an axis and distinguish it from "green". Is there a corresponding number or range that means "red", or do you want to chart the count of "red" values, "green" values, etc.?

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