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Why is the PDF export option not available in an HTML dashboard in Splunk 6.3.1?


Hi All,

While creating a dashboard through Simple XML, we are getting a PDF export option on that dashboard view, but after we convert to HTML, the PDF export option is not visible on the dashboard view. Please help me how to get the PDF export option .

Ankush Mangrulkar

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Here is the link: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/6.3.2/Viz/DashboardPDFs#Limitations_to_PDF_generation

And this is the direct text for quick view:

Limitations to PDF generation

Integrated PDF generation functionality has a few limitations:

    PDFs for dashboards with multiple panels in a row might generate with only a single panel per row.
    You cannot generate PDFs of dashboards that are built using advanced XML or HTML. Splunk only supports PDF generation from dashboards built with simple XML.
    You cannot generate PDFs for forms.
    PDF generation ignores charting customizations that are not supported by the JSChart charting library. The finished PDF displays the panels as rendered in JSChart with the unsupported customizations removed.

Hope this helps.

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Integrated PDF generation is not available for HTML dashboards. While you convert the xml dashboard, you might have seen this message.


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