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Why is the HTML panel not refreshing on the dashboard after adding auto-refresh for the whole page?

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I have a dashboard for our SOC that is running and all of the panels work fine on it. but when we added an auto-refresh for the whole page we are finding that the HTML panel in the dashboard is not refreshing (the other panels which are just normal searches are refreshing fine).

This is the top of the XML code for the dashboard down through the panel which is not refreshing.

<dashboard refresh="300" script="access_center.js" stylesheet="hide_export_pdf.css">
  <label>SOC Home</label>
      <html id="element1">
            <div class="key-indicators" data-group-name="soc_home"/>

This is in our Enterprise Security app and the top panel which is the one that is not refreshing is showing the Access/Network/Potential Data Loss/Malware Notables indicators.

I believe that these are getting populated and showing the script but not sure how to modify it so that it will refresh on a timer.

Any help would be appreciated.


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In HTML and JS,
you can reference this as such:

 var element2 = new ChartElement({
     "id": "element2",
     "resizable": true,
     "refresh.auto.interval": "30",
     "managerid": "search2",
     "el": $('#element2')
 }, {tokens: true}).render();

In Simple XML, you can reference this as such:

     <title>Enable auto refresh of 30s</title>
     <searchString>index=_internal | top limit=3 sourcetype</searchString>
     <option name="refresh.auto.interval">30</option>

Let me know if this helps!!

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      <option name="refresh.auto.interval">30</option>  

Is marked as deprecated ??

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