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Why can't visual charts displayed on Dashboard Studio drilldown?


Hello, I'm new to Splunk, and have been working on setting up some dashboards. I figured I'd use the fancy new Dashboard Studio, since I assume that's the direction people are expected to go (And I like JSON a lot more than XML).

After setting up a couple of line charts, I tried to add a drilldown to one of them (For a simple test, just pointing to https://www.google.com), and the clicks would not do anything. Not on the legend, not on the lines, points, axes of my line chart. Nothing. Tried saving it as an area chart, a bar chart, same deal.

For comparison, I made a line chart on a classic dashboard using the exact same query and drilldown parameters, and the clicks would bring me to a new page. Similarly, I created a Statistics Table on Dashboard Studio and noticed drilldown works in that situation as well.

Seems to be limited to just Visual Charts + Dashboard Studio = No drilldown, and I'm not sure what I can do to resolve this.

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I am not sure if DS can do what you want, as it lags XML is a number of ways, particularly around tokens and drilldown. IMO, it's not ready for good interactive dashboard design yet, so we avoid it.

However, on the Splunk Slack channel #dashboard_studio, Lizzy Li is good at answering questions around DS and these issues. Not sure if she follows community here though.

Having said that, have you seen




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