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Why are users not able to view the Dashboard Panel?

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Hi Everyone,

I have created dashboards panels with inline searches. Even after changing dashboard permissions to

  1. Display dashboard for 'App' (which all users have access)
  2. Giving everyone Read/Write access

A user can view the dashboard but is getting "No Results Found" in the dashboard panel which is otherwise working for me.

Any ideas?

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Hi lohitmehta,
at first check if users have access to the indexes used in your dashboard: you can verify in [Settings].
After, check grants to alla the knowledge objects you used in your dashboard, with special attention to fields, eventtypes and tags.


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A dashboard panel is built either on a index or source or sourcetype.
For example a panel might have something like this:
Index="abcd" | all other code.
Now, giving dashoard permission is not enough users ALSO need to be given permission for the specific indexes that the panel is built upon.

Ask your user who is getting no result found to just run index="ABC" that is an index name from one of the panels in your dashboard, if there are 0 results found it means the specific users do not have permission to view the index

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