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Why are my tokens not getting set when a scheduled PDF is produced?

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Works in interactive mode but token does not get set when scheduled PDF is produced.

Dashboard panel 1 sets a token as below

    <set token="mytoken">true</set>

Panel 2 uses the token in two ways - (1) depends attribute references the token; (2) token value is used in chart title

    <title>Sales by Category $mytoken$</title>

In producing scheduled PDF, it seems (a) the token is not set, (b) the depends attribute is ignored since the panel displays regardless.
I don't see anything regarding this in the documented limitations on scheduled PDF production.


I am pretty positive the answer is it is not possible to do what you want in one dashboard.

I don't think the PDF scheduled delivery mechanism exercises the full Splunk Web framework to generate the dashboard as you would want (i.e., getting token values) to populate the PDF.

In general, I would suggest making two versions: 1) one that is dynamic for a human to interact with, and 2) one that is solely for automated PDF generation.

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I have same issue wer u able to get around this?

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