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Why am I getting "invalid xml detection in file..." errors while submitting my apps to Splunkbase?

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Hi Team,

I encountered an error while submitting my apps to the Splunkbase.
When my package is analyzed by the online tools, it gives error:

invalid xml detection in file: xxx/default/data/ui/views/._default.xml at line 1,
invalid xml detection in file: xxx/default/data/ui/nav/._default.xml at line 1,

but when I run validate_all tools : /opt/splunk/bin/splunk cmd python validate_all.py, i have no errors on files.

Any help or idea or other validating tools appreciate.

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Hitting the same error, while submitting my apps to the Splunkbase.
What is the workaround for this ? 
Thanks in advance.

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Hi itrust,

remove the ._* files form your package and it should work.

cheers, MuS

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Hi Mus,
thanks for reply, but unfortunally, it does not help, my package do not contains ._default.xml files.

I think the splunkbase validation script extract the package and copy default.xml files into ._default.xml, then it run the test on copies (._default.xml)

BR, seb.

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