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Where can I find documentation related to splunkjs and its mvs.js JavaScript engine?

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I'm trying to find the documentation for mvc.js. All I have found so far related to Django Bindings / Web Framework in Splunk is this:

But I need further Documentation related to splunkjs and its mvs.js JavaScript engine. For example, we have been having trouble when using the tokens in a complex way (more complex than any example given in the official dev guide).

I would appreciate any help on this.

Kind regards,


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A lot of SplunkJS is "found Knowledge", the examples are pretty basic. What specifically are you looking for? The link provided is the correct answer for documentation, but if you are more specific with an example and what is broken, we may be able to help you out.

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I need information regarding the constructors used by the mvc engine and information about the callable API functions that shall be used when using SplunkJS in the framework. Let me give you and example of the lost hours trying to reverse the code in order to find out that this callback was what we needed:

searchInit.on("search:done", function(state, job) {

This is a general example among all the "found knowledge" you are talking about 🙂 (other easiser examples are getInstance, .data...). Undoubtly, 95% of our knowledge around SplunkJS is "found knowledge". And that's why I'm asking if there is any API documentation that you can refer me to so I can take a look at the possible callback functions and constructors.

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