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What is the maximum limitation of drop-down values ?

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I am trying to set up a dropdown on over 90000 unique values. But all the values are not coming in the dropdown. why this is happening? Are there any limitations?

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Even if it was working, it would be functionally useless. When we have to do this kind of thing, we institute a pre-filter like this (here we are searching for server names) which cuts down the actual list to a manageable level.

<input type="text" token="server_name_partial" searchWhenChanged="false">
  <label>RegEx filter for Server Dropdown --></label>
<input type="dropdown" token="server_name" searchWhenChanged="false">
  <label>(<-- filtered) Server Selector:</label>
  <choice value="*">All</choice>
    <query>| inputcsv servernamelist.csv | regex server_name="(?i)$server_name_partial$" | table server_name</query>
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Unsure if there is a max limit to the dropdown.
There is one way to test this out.

1) Write the current list of unique values to a lookup table

| stats count by Unique_values
| outputlookup Unique_values.csv

2) now create the dropdown

| inputlookup Unique_values.csv
| fields Unique_values

This overcomes any issues that could be happening due to slow search output or any other performance hit. If it populates all values, job done, otherwise there might be a newly discovered feature (limit on dropdown values).

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