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We are using AWS cluster need to monitor it's job waiting time.

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we have aws EMR cluster where we need to check for job waiting time with respect to time, we need to create chart x-axis as time and y-axis as job waiting time.

raw data is like this.

{"tsu":16381197,"app":"log.prod","hst":"ip-100-**-***-***.us","lvl":"INFO","ctr":"spark-***","kns":"prod","cid":"******","pod":"data-driver","env":"prod","cna":"prod-1","msg":"21/11/28 17:15:50 INFO GenerationExecutor$: sent metrics: data.job_waiting_time: 124"}


need data.job_waiting_time: 124 in y-axis and x-axis need time or I think we can use log time also 21/11/28 17:15:50.

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