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Using variables in XML title field in dashboard

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My dashboards generally describe the events that happened during a defined time period. However, this period varies across data sets, panels, and applications.

THus, I would like to have the title show the time range that was used for a particular dashbaord panel.

I have tried simple things like passing in the $variable$ format to no avail.

Is there a way to do this?



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I use ResultsHeader module after a HiddenSearch module in my advance XML dashboards which will display the following:

123 results in the last 60 minutes (from 2:28:00 PM to 3:28:50 PM on Wednesday, April 20, 2011)

in your dashboard.

Example of the module in my XML:

                <module name="ResultsHeader">
                  <param name="entityLabel">results</param>
                  <param name="entityName">results</param>

Then make sure to close it out.

Another option you could play with is SimpleResultsHeader, specially when working with drilldowns:

     <module name="SimpleResultsHeader">
          <param name="entityName">results</param>
          <param name="headerFormat">$time$</param>
     </module><!-- SimpleResultsTable-->

Link with more info:

Hope this helps


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