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Using custom brushes on charts

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Hi all,

It pains me to ask this really, but I have spend so long trying to figure this out.

I'm trying to use the information in this guide http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/6.2.2/AdvancedDev/CustomChartingConfig-FontColorBrushPal... to learn how to customise charts on dashboards etc...

I was really quite keen to use the imageFill option to add custom images to the backgroundBrush on my chart.

The problem is, I've read the guide(s) over and over, and I can't get any of it to work with the exception of 0xFF0000 - and with this - whatever I change the hex value to, the chart background goes black regardless! With the rest, I see no changes.

Here's a little bit of the simple XML I am using

    <option name="charting.chart.lineBrushPalette">@myLineBrushPalette</option>
<option name="charting.foregroundColor">0x000000</option>
    <option name="charting.backgroundColor">0xFF0000</option>

<option name="charting.fontFace">_sans</option>
    <option name="charting.fontSize">11</option>
    <option name="charting.fontColor">0x000000</option>

NONE of this has ANY effect on my line chart...

Now, please someone tell me I'm missing something - or I'm being really dense. Because it looks really simple but is proving to be really difficult for me.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Re: Using custom brushes on charts

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In a simple-xml dasboard, I think you need to disable the master palette in order to display your own custom stuff. Try adding the following to each chart

<option name="charting.legend.masterLegend"></option>

Hopefully that will at least fix the colour issues, not sure about the font

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