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Using a windows pathname in a searchTemplate in a form.


I have logs from various sources, including windows. I have written a simple form for selecting which directory to analyze, with a dynamically populated radio list to select the directory. It doesn't work on windows due the "\" characters in the directory name.

  .searchTemplate. index=main dir="$dir$" ./searchTemplate.
    .input type="radio" token="dir".
    .label.Select directory ./label.
    .choice value="*">Any./choice.
    .![CDATA[index=main sourcetype=syslog | stats count by dir]].

("<" and ">" removed to get this to display at all).

I have no control over the values in "dir" - any windows path including "\" fails the search, and any that ends with "\" (not uncommon) give a PARSER error
"Applying intentions failed unbalanced quotes."

Is there some syntax that will allow the dir="$dir$" clause to pass the value unescaped?


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Fixed. The trick was to add a space to the variable in quotes so the final " is not escaped, then trim it in the search.

| where dir=rtrim("$dir$ ")

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