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Translating dashboard embedded html


We have a Dashboard panel that includes some embedded html that we are trying to enable for i18n translation.

<row >
<panel id="backgroundForInputText">
    <div id="descriptionForInputText">
      <p>Filter your data queries by time range and domain</p>

When I do the " splunk extract i18n -app " command this shows up in the messages.pot as :

 msgid ""
 "<div id=\"descriptionForInputText\"><p>Filter your data queries by "
 "time range and domain</p></div>"

I translate these strings and generate the messages.mo file, but the changes never get picked up, they always display in the original text. All the other strings show up translated, but the embedded html sections don't.



Addition ..
Experimenting a little more, I have a single dashboard with both an input panel and an html panel

 <input type="text">
<panel id="backgroundForInputRadio">

When I do the splunk extract, it shows Test1 coming from both lines. I modify the msgstr="Test2" and I can see the input box changes but the html does not. Is there a way to make this work? Splunk extracted the message from the block so it knows to look for it. Just not sure how to make it use the translation in there.


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