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So, I'm having some tinkering issues and I wanted to see if I could get some assistance on this. What I have for my idea is the following:
Input bar (User ID)
Dashboard panel (VPN LOGS) | Dashboard panel (Antivirus LOGS)
Dashboard panel (AD Badge LOGS) | Dashboard panel (AD Last Login logs)

I have each of the searches setup in the Dashboards, but I'm having issues feeding that custom input bar down to those panels.

Ideally, I'd enter a username.. SmithMi and it would populate those 4 dashboard panels with his data.

Input Bar
Token = UID_tok
Default = Enter User ID

dashboard panel
index="vpnlogs_*" token="UID_tok" | table user src_country_name

Am I feeding this incorrectly?

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pl can u send me the code through this mail juvet45@yahoo.com i can help you this problem

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