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The default value for TimeRangePicker is not working for 'admin' user.


I set the default value for TimeRangePicker to 5 minute window and I also mentioned the isSticky to false for my view. For 'admin' user, It always shows selected time as '1 hour window' on page load no matter what I set the default value to. For the users which I created, It works fine.

Is there anything I am am missing.

PS: I created customized times.conf for my app.

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The issue here concerns viewstates and the somewhat unintuitive behavior of isSticky=False

This is discussed in detail here:

and the short version is that you would expect that setting isSticky to False would
a) no longer preserve or remember any values going forward.

b) ignore all previously stuck values

But unintuitively, it only does "a". So any user that still has a previously stuck value, will get that value set forever.

you can go find a viewstates.conf stanza for the admin user, and manually delete their preserved viewstate for the flashtimeline view.

Again, this answer discusses it more fully:

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