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Is there any way of rotating the text within charts? I have some charts where column names on the x-axis are truncated as they are larger than the column width and would like to rotate them 90 degrees.


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You can rotate the labels on the x-axis to lose the ellipsis (...) that appears by adding the following code inside your HiddenChartFormatter module (advanced xml) in your view (.xml file):

<param name="charting.axisLabelsX.majorLabelStyle.rotation">270</param>
<param name="charting.axisLabelsX.majorLabelStyle.overflowMode">default</param>

If you are using simple XML, I believe that you can use the same code except that you will have to change the param tags to option tags.


I dont have a definitive answer but maybe this will help someone find one.

There is a layoutTransform attribute that you can set on anything that inherits from LayoutSprite.


However if I'm reading the docs right I think AxisLabels are TextBlock elements and thus not LayoutSprites.

eg: http://www.splunk.com/base/Documentation/4.1.5/Developer/CustomChartingConfig-AxisGrid#Axis_labels

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