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Table Drilldown into a defaut flashline



I have a dashboard panel showing data in a tabular structure.
Here i just wanted a drilldown into a default flashtimeline on click of table's row(any value of a table).
Here is the advanced xml :

<module name="HiddenSearch" layoutPanel="panel_row4_col1" group="Recommendation for ErrorCodes" autoRun="True">
       <param name="search">host="sharepoint" | rex field=msg "\sMore\sinformation:\s(?&lt;ErrorIdentifierField&gt;[\dxA-F]+)" | eventstats count by ErrorIdentifierField  | sort -count |  table ErrorIdentifierField count  </param>
        <module name="SimpleResultsTable">
            <param name="entityName">results </param>
            <param name="dataOverlayMode">heatmap </param>
            <param name="drilldown">all </param>                
          <module name="ConvertToDrilldownSearch">
              <module name="ViewRedirector">
              <param name="viewTarget">flashtimeline </param>
              <param name="popup">True </param>

          <module name="ViewRedirectorLink">
            <param name="viewTarget">flashtimeline </param>


Here the problem is when i click on the table's row/any of the value its not drilling down to a default flashtimeline but shows same tabular structure. Now in this tabular structure if i click agian then it will show the table but containing only clicked(the value which clicked) value.Here i wanted to show the default flashtimeline for the clicked values.
So pls help with the advance xml for this.

Thank you

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I think the problem isn't so much with the advanced XML as with the search.

Instead of the eventstats command I think you want to be using the stats command. Eventstats is an advanced command designed for more complex use cases and here it's just going to give you a lot of strange duplicates in your final results.

This search on the other hand:

host="sharepoint" | rex field=msg "\sMore\sinformation:\s(?&lt;ErrorIdentifierField&gt;[\dxA-F]+)" | stats count by ErrorIdentifierField | sort - count

will only have one row per ErrorIdentifierField, and as a bonus, when you click a row the generic drilldown will work as you expect. I think it's the eventstats that is making the drilldown logic behave oddly.

I also recommend setting the drilldown param to just "row".

<param name="drilldown">row</param>  
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