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Studio - table custom color ?


I started exploring the new studio and created some dashboards. Cool but new so not much community wisdom and examples. Only the documentation .

Is there a dedicated forum for the Studio?  The label "studio" is not available here. 

My question: is there a way for a custom color in a table in the new Studio?  Similar to the custom color codein the simple XML: 

<format type="color" field="appid_tag">

          <colorPalette type="expression">case(value="Banana","#a740a2")</colorPalette>



Next question up: can I use conditional color in Studio, similar to the one in simple xml:


<format type="color" field="tags">

          <colorPalette type="expression">case(match(lower(value), "`"),"#b6fcd5")</colorPalette>




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