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Static form dropdown input that also allows outside values


Hi guys,

I'm trying to make a form with a text dropdown, which I have set with the top 100 Vendors. I used the top 100 because I had to use a very expensive mvexpand on a large amount of JSON data to pull out the Vendors from my data, which number in the thousands. Making a dynamic input would have required a long search that gets truncated every time the panel loads. So I just used the "choice value" to statically put in 100 values directly in the dahsboard's xml.

The problem is, only these values will take and push to the query in the other panel; if a user inputs one not on the static list, I get no results.

Is there a way to also allow a user to input an outside value not in the dropdown?

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Path Finder

You can add link tags to the xml source and give form page in it so that it takes the search given in that form page

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Revered Legend

What you can do is that you can add a text box input for Users to provide values not available in Dropdown and use the text box token/value in an OR condition where the dropdown token/value is used.

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