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Splunk web UI partially in different language


A few days ago, i had some Korean users using splunk. They may have had admin access.

What i can't figure out is this: Part of the web UI is now in korean instead of English. It isn't the entire UI, but some parts. And it isn't consistent.

For example, when i am in the search App, on the summary dashboard page, the time range drop down shows english for "Custom Time". But when i click on "search" tab on top of the search app, then the time range dropdown box shows korean characters for "Custom Time"

This doesn't happen in IE. Only in firefox currently. And i've tried logging out of my session and clearing all the cookies. Still the display of Korean characters in certain places persists.

Any idea why, or how i can return everything to english?

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This happens to us as well. I use a Japanese computer sometimes and for some reason other users are affected so they complain to me. Either that or my Japanese google account and Chrome. Even when you force it to en-US, some parts remain Japanese. Good to know that IE doesn't botch it...

EDIT: IE also did the same thing to me. sigh.

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Another logout and clearing off all cookies in the browser and "site preferences" in firefox cleared up the issue.

it is strange how this affected multiple users, though.

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